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Graphic Design vs Web Design – What’s the Difference?

The two terms, Graphic Design and Web Design have been used interchangeably over the years. And at times, they look like they share the same elements. So, do they do the same job in a project? What about skillsets? For one looking to hire these services, this article could prove useful, providing the differences. You can have a read-through and have a deeper understanding of what each service entails.

The definitions

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Where I Go to Find Design News and Inspiration

As a full-time designer, it reaches a time when you need to get some inspiration. The deadline of a new project is coming up and your current work simply doesn’t cut it. You are unable to fully capture the needs of the client. You would need something to spark the creative juices in your mind. If you are not aware of where to go, welcome here. And just for clarification, you are not the only one.

So, here we go!

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Web Design Events You Can’t Afford to Miss in 2021

Web design events are an ideal place for a professional in the industry to stay abreast of the latest innovations and trends. Most events select renowned speakers who can tackle arising issues and provide headway on the future. It is also in such events and conferences where you will get to meet like-minded professionals like you. You can connect and grow your network here.

In choosing the following events and conferences, we looked at the history of said events. We also considered their reception by the web designing community. Some of them have already released the main topics and also the speakers during the forums. We have also taken note of that as well..

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What Makes a Good Website: A Quick Guide to Website Design

The marketplace has moved to the virtual space. A website is important to your company. It is the first element of your company that potential customers/clients will interact with. Architecture website design plays a crucial part for any organization. If your web page lacks in any way, this will tarnish the image of your company and lead to fewer conversions.

To help you on your way to creating an effective and user-friendly website, here are some website design principles that you should consider:

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Graphic Design Trends You Can Try Right Now

The graphic design scene has some of the most innovative and creative minds in the world. Designers work differently than us, always looking for an opportunity or challenge or a breath of fresh air. Spurred on by their environments, graphic designers borrow from literally anything and everything. That could be the reason why their designers resonate so well with us.

Enough said we compiled a list of the best graphic trends an individual or company can use for their website.

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