The graphic design scene has some of the most innovative and creative minds in the world. Designers work differently than us, always looking for an opportunity or challenge or a breath of fresh air. Spurred on by their environments, graphic designers borrow from literally anything and everything. That could be the reason why their designers resonate so well with us.

Enough said we compiled a list of the best graphic trends an individual or company can use for their website.

Abstract psychedelia

This form of graphic design borrows heavily from the entertainment scene of the 60s. Back then, music and art were influenced by experimentation and the use of hallucinogens. At that time, the uptake of such a form of entertainment was low. Contrarily, abstract psychedelia has taken off well.

The imagery resembles what the current generation holds dear to them; freedom from traditional restraints. Designs of such type have extravagant and explosive colors. Let’s just say, they take the terms heterogeneity to a whole new level.

Symbol Revival

If you have been a student of history or religion in the past, you can appreciate the power of symbols. Even today, a single symbol can communicate effectively. Symbol Revival makes use of the ability of symbols to convey a message.

Graphic designers are reviving the use of famous symbols such as constellations, talismans, goddesses, and paranormal creatures. By adding in modern elements, designs can be shaped to encapsulate the client’s needs and vision.

Seamless surrealism

Illogical. Ridiculous. Absurd.  Those are some of the adjectives that can be used to describe seamless surrealism. The imagery of such a design looks like a piece of bad fiction; mixing elements that have no business being side by side. An example of seamless surrealism is the photo of a swimming pool in the middle of a scorching desert.

The combination is quite catchy and has been seen in many items on book covers, album arts, and posters.

Authentic Representation

Graphic design has been thought of as a means for people to hide their true selves. Through cheeky illustrations and beautiful art, concepts have been able to capture ideas in a different light. But that is not the case with authentic representation. The trend highlights the diversity that we have in ideas, culture, and tradition.

Graphic designers will use stock photographs and portraits to create such designs. You might have seen examples of authentic representation during the Black Lives Matter campaign in 2020.

The Minimalist Approach

Following the above trend, we have minimalism. This approach removes all the flair, embellishment, and extravagance that surround graphic design. It focuses more on a straightforward presentation. Most of the art that follows such a trend is in black and white and is two-dimensional. Some might have an unfinished ragged lock with a focus either on the art or on the typography.


The graphic designs above are just a sample of the available trends in the market. Choose one that captures your vision or business goals sufficiently and can connect you to your target audience.