The two terms, Graphic Design and Web Design have been used interchangeably over the years. And at times, they look like they share the same elements. So, do they do the same job in a project? What about skillsets? For one looking to hire these services, this article could prove useful, providing the differences. You can have a read-through and have a deeper understanding of what each service entails.

The definitions

Graphic design involves the use of images, typography, and other media to communicate an idea or vision. Depending on the demands of the project, a graphic designer might also use icons, illustrations, and other visuals. Due to the varying landscape of the media industry, graphic designers produce both digital and print projects.

You can use more or less the same definition of graphic design to describe web design. After all, web design also involves the communication of an idea using images, clever wording, graphs, and whatnot. But there is a significant difference. First, web designers are not involved in any type of printing. Their work is strictly in a digital space.

Web design involves the production and maintenance of a website or web page. A professional in this field requires technical skills in coding and engine optimization. The overlap with graphic design comes in the design of the website and also in the use of graphical elements.


A huge difference between graphic design and web design is in terms of technical skills and know-how. Contrasted against each other, the graphic designer is the lesser when it comes to technical knowledge. They often supplement with visual skills and a proper understanding of the client’s and audience’s needs.

To add, the graphic design borrows heavily on visuals and illustration. Therefore, a graphic designer has quite the skill when it comes to art and artistic devices.

The end product

Graphic design was purely focused on print media such as newspapers and magazines. Today, it has moved to the virtual space. Web designs are purely in the digital space.

As a result, graphic design is static. The final form cannot be ‘manipulated’ or moved.

On the other hand, a website has to have dynamic tools that allow users to navigate through the page. A web designer must ensure that every part of the page can be viewed and serves the purpose it was created for.

Final word

Are you seeking to change some elements of your website? You might have needed both the professional services of a web designer and a graphic designer. A web designer is critical in almost all phases of the project, in the coding and implementation of the website. You will need the graphics designer to help encapsulate the visual aspects you wish to portray and also for their knowledge in terms of user behavior.