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Best Graphics design institute Ahmedabad

Divine Institute is the best for career courses in Graphic Designing is a job oriented and creative designing course.
If you are a creative mind people and want to make your career as a graphic designer, then you are in the right place and this course is for you.
There is a great career opportunity after doing this graphic design course. There is a range of jobs which are available for you once you complete this course.
We have High Emphasis on Projects and Live Assignments. Our advanced modules include Graphic Designing, Web & Graphic Design & 2D Animation, SEO, digital marketing Best Graphic designing institute in Ahmedabad. We have trained over 200 + Students & Professionals.


  • Understanding of Graphic Design Basics
  • Typography & Type Design
  • Elements of design & composition
  • Developing Graphic products like Logo + Identity Design, Brochures, Flyers, Business card, etc.
  • Understanding of grids + layout techniques using type and images
  • Understanding of Graphic Design Basics
  • Page layouts for graphic collateral like posters/book covers/catalogs
  • Learning to use industry recognized software’s for photo editing, vector based drawings and book design
Adobe Illustator
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe InDesign
Adobe XD

Portfolio Design

  • Branding exercises including logos and stationaries
  • Social design campaign
  • Designing for packaging
  • Digital painting & matt painting collection
  • Artworks for Advertising
  • Typography projects
  • Symbols & Icon Design
  • Design for publications
  • Information design

InDesign Syllabus

• Adobe Indesign.
• Introduction.
• Learn Indesign in thirty Minutes.
• Understanding your workspace.
• Creating a Document.
• Managing Pages.
• Text.
• Graphics.
• Formatting Objects.
• Color.
• Frames and Paths.
• Managing Objects.
• Transforming Objects.
• Character Formatting.
• Paragraph Formatting.
• Styles.
• Tables.
• Long Documents.
• Interactive Documents.
• Packaging, Printing, and Exporting.
• Conclusion.

Corel Draw Syllabus

• Exercise files and challenges overview.
• Getting started and using the workspace.
• Seeking additional help.
• Touring the interface.
• Exploring drop-down menus.
• Locating the toolbar and the toolbox.
• Understanding dockers.
• Setting up the page.
• Using rulers, grids, and guidelines.
• Navigating a multi-page document.
• Master layer & page numbering.
• Starting with a template.
• Understanding file formats.
• Using the Pick tool.
• Using the Shape edit flyout.
• Exploring the Crop tool flyout.
• Exploring the Curve flyout.
• Creating a basic shape.
• Dealing with dimension lines.
• Using connector lines.
• Looking at the Interactive tool flyout.
• Other interactive tools.
• Understanding font types.
• Installing fonts.
• Corel Font Manager.
• Using WhatTheFont_!.
• Types of text.
• Creating layouts.
• Working with tables.
• Shaping commands, including combine and weld.
• Grouping and ungrouping.
• Alignment commands and alignment guides.
• Copying versus duplicate and paste special.
• Challenge - Create a lighthouse logo.
• Solution - Create a lighthouse logo.
• Importing bitmaps.
• Cropping, resizing, and rotating bitmaps.
• Removing backgrounds from bitmaps.
• PowerTRACE.
• Working with PhotoZoom Pro.
• Exporting web graphics.
• Working with PowerClips.
• Using Find and Replace.
• Exploring CorelCONNECT.
• Examining scripts and macros.
• Publishing to PDF.
• Object styles.
• Discovering color palettes.
• Creating a colour palette.
• Getting started with color management.
• Challenge - Create a business card.
• Solution - Create a business card.
• Discovering the print dialog.
• Working with print merge.
• Challenge - Print merge.
• Solution - Print merge.
• Creating keyboard shortcuts and toolbars.
• Setting and resetting default properties.
• Changing the appearance.
• Exporting and sharing workspaces.

Photoshop Syllabus

  • Introduction.
  • Working with Smart Objects.
  • Creative Transformations for Designers.
  • Essential Filters for Designers.
  • Basic Shape Layers.
  • Pen Tool.
  • Fill Layers and Blend Modes.
  • Essential Layer Effects and Styles
  • Type Essentials.
  • Painting Essentials.
  • Working with Libraries.
  • Art boards.
  • Exporting Files and Sharing Images.
  • Conclusion.

Advanced Photoshop Syllabus

  • Opening Files.
  • Documents and Navigation.
  • Customising the Photoshop Interface.
  • Digital Image Essentials.
  • Cropping, Straightening, and Adjusting Canvas Size.
  • Layers.
  • Colour and Brush Essentials.
  • Working with Layer Masks.
  • Making Selections.
  • Local Pixel Editing and Retouching.
  • Blend Mode Essentials.
  • Smart Object Essentials.
  • Essential Transformations.
  • Adjustment Layer Essentials.
  • Essential Filters.
  • Conclusion.

Illustrator Syllabus

  • How to use exercise files
  • How to send feedback
  • What is Adobe Illustrator_
  • Installing Illustrator via Creative Cloud
  • Touring the Illustrator interface
  • Navigating a single document
  • Working with Illustrator's panels
  • Building and saving your own workspace
  • Creating and using custom views
  • What are Illustrator Art boards
  • Creating multi-art board documents
  • Exploring the Art boards panel
  • Changing the size and shape of Art boards
  • Layers in Illustrator Files
  • Creating and editing Layers
  • Targeting objects inside the layers panel
  • Hiding, locking, and deleting layers
  • Using the Selection and Direct Selection Tools
  • Drawing basic shapes
  • Drawing with the line tools
  • The Pencil Tool and Brush Tool
  • Modifying existing shapes and paths
  • Grouping and Ungrouping objects
  • Using Isolation Mode to edit grouped artwork
  • Transforming Objects
  • Repeating transformations
  • Using Transform Each
  • Creating and using gradient fills
  • The Gradient Annotator
  • Adding strokes to your objects
  • Adding endpoints and dashed lines to your strokes
  • Creating variable width strokes
  • Understanding CMYK vs. RGB color
  • Understanding process, spot, and global swatches
  • Working with colour groups
  • Loading .ASE files into Illustrator
  • What are Appearances
  • Exploring the Appearance panel
  • Applying multiple fills and strokes
  • Working with effects
  • Saving appearances as graphic styles
  • Bonus - Appearances, advanced demo
  • Creating compound paths and shapes
  • Working with the Pathfinder panel and Shape modes
  • Smoothing and erasing paths
  • Creating artwork with the Shape Builder tool
  • Using the Shaper tool
  • Mastering the Pen tool
  • Challenge - Using the Pen tool
  • Solution - Using the Pen tool
  • Creating point and area type objects
  • Using placeholder text
  • Exploring the type panels
  • Setting type onto a path
  • The Touch-Type tool
  • Adding Type kit desktop fonts to Illustrator
  • Converting text into paths
  • Placing linked images into Illustrator
  • Working with the Links panel
  • Embedding images into your Illustrator documents
  • Using clipping masks
  • Using the image trace panel
  • Converting pixels into paths
  • What are CC libraries
  • Adding content to CC libraries
  • Mobile tools and Illustrator
  • Printing your artwork
  • Packaging files for print production
  • Legacy Save for Web
  • Using the Asset Export panel
  • Exporting image files
  • Deciding which courses to watch
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