Your bio information is what someone sees the first time they visit your profile, followed by your profile photo or vice versa. Hence, you need to have a piece of attractive bio information that can lead your visitor to get more interested in your posts.

If you are a private person and would like to have a targeted audience only, you can learn how to hide likes on Instagram or limit people who can view your content. Businesses mainly aim at attaining more followers who can interact with their content. Especially for beginner businesses, ensure your audience targets what you have posted compared to how many likes your content gets.

In addition to this, we will highlight 10 tips to get more Instagram followers for your business account. We will also highlight tips you can use to create an eye-catching bio for your business.

Include hashtags

Hashtags can easily direct anyone using Instagram to your bio if you have mentioned it in your bio information. Hashtags also promote your business and create a brand name. For example, if you run an organization relating to tech materials, you can use the latest hashtag trends that relate to your business e.g. #5G

Include a call to action

Followers will want to know what your business does. In the process of describing what you do on the bio information, include a great call to action, such as enjoying a 20% discount off any product you shop from us this week.

Anyone would want to take advantage of the offer. Hence, you attain a mission of passing a message easily and making more sales for your business.

Include a weblink

Most businesses have a website in addition to one or several social media platforms. On the Instagram account, include a link to the main website and links to other accounts such as Facebook or Twitter.

Include a profile photo

A business account has to look professional. One way to tell an account is fake is it lacks a profile picture and profile data, or it has a photo that does not relate to the business entirely.

Business profile photos can range from the photo of the office building, their logo, or photo of staff members. Whichever you settle for, ensure it looks professional.

Use friendly emojis

Emojis can be used by anyone as they enhance the message being passed and the mood of a message. A smiley emoji, for example, helps one feel warmth and appreciation. This way, your followers can feel welcomed and encouraged to interact with the business content posted.

In conclusion, we will highlight factors you can use to gain more followers, especially for your business account.

– Post consistently

– Have live sessions

– Post engaging content

– Engage with followers

– Often give discounts and flash sales

– Ensure your content is friendly

– Use popular hashtags

– Optimize your brand page

– Combine your content with videos and photos

– Use other platforms to promote the Instagram account.

In conclusion, combining the above-mentioned factors can always give your account the followers you need. The first impression matters, hence ensure your followers have a warm welcome.