Do you at times watch TikTok videos and wonder, how that effect was made? Short videos are not hard to create as they just need a few minutes to have one up and running. With the current technology and trends, you do not need a camera and a microphone to film content on social media. With TikTok, it is not any different. You just need a mobile phone and mobile accessories for TikTok.

With a high-quality phone, you can film quality videos and have a few accessories to ensure the best quality. If you are keen and are interested in behind the scenes, you will notice people just film with their phones and do not need any accessories. However, some equipment is needed to create high-quality content.


You notice that when you film in a place with low quality the videos will not be as good compared to when you film in a well-lit place. A ring light is a crucial piece of equipment as it comes with adjustable leg stands and a phone or camera holder.

With a good ring light, you can adjust light intensities to one of your favorite likings. Some intensities work well at night while others work well when the room is lit.

LED room lights

Despite there being effects that change the appearance of a person, some tiktokers prefer having LED lights mounted on the walls or ceiling. Lights affect our moods we all agree. The reason why night parties have disco lights is to ensure we keep vibrant.

TikTok is not any different. Each content created has different emotions on us.

Adjustable phone tripod

Some creators film indoors while others film outdoors. Either way, they need to balance the environment and background. Adjusting the length of the tripod helps bring certain movement effects that are effective in the visual of content created.

Unlike a stand, adjustable tripods are advantageous as they can be modified to have a certain filming position.

Customized phone covers

Ticktokers who film on mirrors have cute phone covers. This is not only for the benefit of protecting their phones from damage or cracks when they fall, but also to ensure they get your attention. Is a trick that works for most, especially with the inverted effect.

Wireless earbuds

Some videos need a sing-along or a voice-over. As a content creator, if you do bulky content creation then cramming all those sounds could be hectic. This is why you need wireless earbuds. They are small and quite invisible. You can use them to lipsync when making your videos.

The advantage of using buds is you can use the same sound effect to record on your phone. Unlike a camera, you would need a separate sound when filming.

Portable charger

Some equipment such as a ring light needs to be connected to a power source to function. Since one is never sure if one can get a power source, it is important to carry your portable charger for power.

In conclusion, you do not need to buy expensive equipment for creating your TikTok videos. However, always ensure you can give the best quality possible.