The marketplace has moved to the virtual space. A website is important to your company. It is the first element of your company that potential customers/clients will interact with. Architecture website design plays a crucial part for any organization. If your web page lacks in any way, this will tarnish the image of your company and lead to fewer conversions.

To help you on your way to creating an effective and user-friendly website, here are some website design principles that you should consider:

Go Simple

In a bid to be authentic and unique, you might add too many elements to your website. A guest visiting your page will be unable to concentrate on the main message to be delivered. Simplicity is the way to go for any effective web page. A simple page has a clean look and allows for the user to process one piece of information at a go. If you much to communicate, you should consider creating multiple website pages.


All website pages that are related to a particular entity or service must match. This is with regards to font type, size, heading theme colors, and button styles. To be able to effect such a level of consistency, you must plan. Test out different design styles and elements beforehand and also prepare your content.


It doesn’t how good your content or design is. Text is still the primary focus. It is the main method through which users will be able to obtain information from your website. The size and color of your font should also not clash with the theme color and general design.

The use of text also involves the use of keywords, LSIs, and other SEO-related elements. This should be inserted appropriately so that the text flows.

Mobile compatibility

In this day and age, information is in the palm of our hands. For quick and instant access to the internet, people use their smartphones, tablets, and other devices. Ideally, your design should be able to support all screen sizes. A web design should be a responsive one that can adapt to screen sizes of different types.

If your website design doesn’t have such a feature, be assured that you will lose many clients or customers to your competitors.

Security of information

Next to a website address bar, you will probably see a little green lock. This is known as SSL Encryption. Encrypted sites protect the information of their visitors and increase trust between parties. This is critical especially when it involves the purchase of goods online.

People want to know that their personal information is safe.

The Bottom Line

By following the principles suggested in this article, you can create a clean and user-friendly web page. The effect of a good website design will spill over, resulting in increased revenue and more interaction with your content.