As a full-time designer, it reaches a time when you need to get some inspiration. The deadline of a new project is coming up and your current work simply doesn’t cut it. You are unable to fully capture the needs of the client. You would need something to spark the creative juices in your mind. If you are not aware of where to go, welcome here. And just for clarification, you are not the only one.

So, here we go!

Design News and Articles

There are many options when it comes to the design articles and resources. To keep abreast of new information, we would recommend that you sign-up for the daily or weekly subscriptions. This way, you will always remain relevant.

Some of the options that you should consider are Product Hunt, Designer News,, and the Farnham Street Brain Food Newsletter. The recommendations not only touch on design but also art, culture, philosophy, and motivation.

Social media platforms

The internet has made the world a global village where information from one corner of the world can move to the other in a flash. You can also experience places you have never visited. This is especially true for platforms such as Pinterest and Behance that specialize in showcasing creative and innovative work.

All manner of visual work is available on such platforms; from photography to graphic design, fashion and art, and more. Other designers and professionals in the field get to comment on the pieces. As a designer, this is a great place to find some inspiration for your next project.

Online galleries

Technology has given many the chance of showcasing their art and designs online. It is here that you will find some ‘rare gems.’ A number of the artists here are undiscovered and never made it onto mainstream platforms. You will find the art of both a traditional and digital nature. The only disadvantage of online galleries is you can get sucked in. You can spend hours looking through the galleries and miss your deadlines.

Some of the galleries that you should consider include Raster, Delicious CSS, and deviantART.


AIGA, the professional association for design, is the place design professionals turn to first to exchange ideas and information, participate in critical analysis and research and advance education and ethical practice.

Today, there are blogs of all manner of types. Depending on where you are lacking in terms of innovation, you can find one that meets your needs. An example is “I love typography”. The blog mainly showcases posters, billboards, and fonts from all over the world. Noupe is another one whose goal is on passing tips and tricks to others.

Creativity and innovation at times borrow from the work of others. When using another person’s idea as a base, make sure to give credit where it is due. Show respect by giving a shout-out to the originator’s work as your inspiration. After all, you would want the same to be done if the tables were reversed.

Wish that the article was insightful and you will find new ideas for your future designs.