Since YouTube was invented on 14th February 2005, in San Mateo, California in the United States, the number of users and content posts has grown tremendously. Both content creators and viewers have participated in its growth in terms of genres. For content creators, growth on YouTube is important, and this is why  you need to consider using tools such as TubeKarma service to have more subscribers.

For viewers, you must have good quality content that is most convenient for you. This is where YouTube Red comes in. It nags at times to have several ads playing between the videos you are watching. It could also be inconvenient for you not to manage downloading videos of your choice when you want to watch them later.

So, why should you go for YouTube Red?

When you make a choice and pay for a premium subscription $9.99 afterward you will enjoy the following features.

Ad-free videos

If you are the type that does not like being interrupted in between by ads, then you should consider YouTube Red. All the ads will be dropped off and you can conveniently enjoy uninterrupted content.


With regular YouTube, it is possible to download some videos but impossible to download certain ones. However, with YouTube premium, you can download any video and watch it later. If you are in a location with Wi-Fi, you can download and watch it later at home.

This feature is most convenient for students. You can download tutorials and use them later for your learning.

Background play

Have you been in a situation where you are using YouTube and then by mistake you click the home button? You realize you can only use the regular YouTube when it is active on the screen. However, if you move to another screen, the active video stops playing.

With YouTube Red, you can play YouTube in the background while still using other apps. For example, if you are listening to music on YouTube and you have messages you need to reply to on WhatsApp, you can easily switch without interrupting the music in the background.

Specialized content

Both content creators and viewers can access YouTube Red features. For viewers, you can access content created by premium members. This is content that is niche-specific and highly recommended based on the content you have been watching.

Access to Google Play Music

When you subscribe to YouTube Red, you get the chance to access Google Play Music for free. With all the features that come with this music streaming service such as cloud storage, listening to podcasts, and accessing over 50,000 uploads, you would not mind considering the bonus.

With this subscription, the vice versa applies. You can access YouTube Red when you subscribe to Google Play Music.

Is YouTube Red worth it?

All the features included in YouTube Premium are worth the $9.99 cash you pay per month. However, you realize you can do just fine without the subscription. If you have full access to the internet, you can watch videos online, view a few ads, and stick to the page if you are using it.